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Haryana Police Male Constable Answer Key (23 Dec Shift 1)For All Code

1. ____is a technique in which a dedicated and complete physical connection is established between two nodes for communication.
(A) Packet switching
(B) Circuit switching
(D) All the above

2. The facts can be
(A) Physical only
(B) Psychological facts
(C) Physical as well as psychological
(D) None of the above

3. ______district is known as Sripad Janpad.
(A) Kurukshetra (B) Rewari (C) Faridabad (D) Panchkula

4. Select the series in which the letters skipped in between adjacent letters do not decrease in order.

5. This person is considered as the father of Bhakra-Nangal dam
(A) Seth Chhaju Ram
(B) Chaudhari Chhotu Ram
(C) Chaudhari Sukhram
(D) Diwan Bahadur S.P. Singha

6. Which of the following is the name of the monthly magazine published by Haryana Sanskrit Academy?
(A) Sanskritavani (B) Sanskritabharati (C) Hariprabha (D) Sanskritabhasha

7. The gaseous envelope of invisib surrounding the earth is called
(A) lonosphere (B) Tropoon (C) Stratosphere (D) Atmosphere

8. Hail Award is given by
(A) Haryana Punjabi Academy
(B) Haryana Urdu Academy
(C) Haryana Sanskrit Academy
(D) Haryana Hindi Academy

9. The group of planets called as ‘inner planets’ are
(A) Mercury, Jupiter, Earth and Saturn
(B) Mercury, Earth, Neptune and Jupiter
(C) Mercury, Earth, Mars and Saturn
(D) Mercury, Venus, Earth and Mars

10. ______are a sequence of values of any type and are indexed by integers.
They are immutable.
(A) Tuple (B) String (C) List (D) Dictionary

11. In a class of 60 students, 25 play cricket, 20 students play tennis and 10 students play both the games.
The number of students who play neither tennis nor cricket is
(A) 35 (B) 40 (C) 25 (D) 50

12. Sunflower is an example for _____type of placentation.
(A) Marginal placentations
(B) Free central placentation
(C) Axile placentation
(D) Basal placentation

13. In a row of girls, if Seeta who is 10th from the left and Leena who is 7th from the right,
interchange their seats, Seeta becomes 15th from the left. How many girls are there in the row ?
(A) 17 (B) 20 (C) 22 (D) 21

14. Cattle and buffalo belongs to the family
(A) Cammelidae (B) Suidae (C) Equidae (D) None of these

15.________was associated with the tribal republic of the Yaudheyas of the early Christianperiod and
holds a series of mounas Which yielded several Indo-Greek coins when excavated by Birbal Saini in 1938.
(A) Bhiwandi (B) Khokrakot (C) Charki Dadri (D) Kaithal

16. Which one of the following is an ancient porti of Indus Valley Civilization ?
(A) Mohenjodaro (B) Kalibangan (C) Harappa (D) Lothal

17. Select the cowpea variety resistant to Bacterial blight disease.
(A) Himgiri to (B) Pusa Komal (C) Pusa Sadabahar (D) Pusa Swarnim

18. The Indian Evidence Act came into effect from
(A) 1 January, 1872 (B) 1 October, 1872 (C) 1 September, 1872 (D) 1 December, 1872

19. A is richer than B. C is richer than A. Dis richer than C and E is richest of all.
If they are made to sit in decreasing order of richness who will be in the middle ?
(A) Ą (B) B (C) C (D) D

20. Which two months in a year have same calendar ?
(A) June, October (B) April, November (C) April, July (D) October, December

21. This King assumed the title of ‘Vikramaditya’ when he defeated Akbar’s Mughal forces in 1556
(A) Sher Shah Suri (B) Hemachandra (C) Rana Pratap (D) Prithviraj Chouhan

22. The number of possible outcomes when a coin is tossed 6 times is
(A) 36 (B) 12 (C) 64 (D) 32

23. Self Respect Movement was started by
(A) Swami Vivekananda (B) Ambedkar (C) Ramaswamy Naicker (D) Rajaram Mohan Roy ros

24. Which of the following is not an exampe database management system ?
(A) SQL (B) .net (C) SAP (D) Oracle

25. A bag contains 5 red and 3 blue balls. If 3 balls are drawn at random without
replacement, the probability of getting exactly one red ball is
(A) 45/196 (B) 135/392 (C) 15/56 (D) 15/2900

26. Activity of a radioactive sample decreases to ⅓ rd of its original value in 3 days.
Then in 9 days its activity will become
(A) 1/3 of its original value
(B) 1/9 of its original value
(c) 1/8 of its original value
D) 1/27 of its original value

27. What is the output of following code ? class test : def __init__(self): self. variable = ‘old’ ) self. change (self. variable) def change (self, var): var = ‘new’ obj = test() print(obj.variable)
(A) error:function cannot be called
(B) ‘new’ is printed
(C) ‘old’ is printed
(D) nothing is printed

28. In India Food Security Act enacted in year of
(A) 2011 (B) 2012 (C) 2013 (D) 2010

29. As per 2011 census, population of Haryana forms approximately population.
(A) 2 (B) 5 (C) 10 (D) 13

30. From the given alternatives, select the word which cannot be formed using the letters of the word “OUTRAGEOUS”.

31. When a name is encountered during the execution of the program, it searches for that name in the following order

(A) local, global, built-in, enclosing functions
(B) global, local, enclosing functions, built-in
(C) built-in, enclosing functions, local, global
(D) local, enclosing functions, global, built-in

32. Chile saltpetre is
(A) NaNO (B) KNO (C) LINO (D) Ca(NO ) Show Answer

33. Values of k for the equation kx(x – 2) + 6 = 0 so that it has two equal roots are
(A) 0,6 (B) 6 (C) 2,3 (D) None of these Show Answer

34. Number of districts when Haryana was carved in 1966 was
(A) 21 (B) 15 (C) 7 (D) 9 Show Answer

35. Department of Information, Public Relations and Languages, Haryana brings out a magazine named
(A) Haryana Vikas (B) Haryana Darshan (C) Haryana Samvad (D) None of the above

36. Predict the output of following code. int f = 1, i = 2; do { f* = 1; } while(++i<5); cout<
(A) 12 (B) 5 (C) 4 (D) 24 Show Answer
37. A new 2800 Megawatt nuclear power plant will be setup at this place of Haryana
(A) Rewari (B) Gorakhpur (C) Jind (D) Sirsa Show Answer

38. Choose the option, which is not included in networking.
(A) Access to remote database (B) Resource sharing C) Power transferring (D) Communication Show Answer

39. The Article of Indian Constitution which gives special status to Jammu and Kashmir
(A) 370 (B) 382 (C) 371 (D) 372

40. Select the correct one.
I: Ambala receives the highest rainfall in Haryana.
II: It is surrounded by Shivalik hills.
(A) Both I and Il are true and Il is the correct explanation of
(B) Both I and II are true, but II is the not the correct explanation of
(C) I is true, Il is false
(D) Both are false National Bureau of Animal Genetic Resources

41. National Bureau is present in
(A) Kurukshetra (B) Karnal (C) Mewat (D) Rewari Show Answer

42. Surdas was a contemporary of which of the following Mughal ruler ?
(A) Shahjahan (B) Akber (C) Humayun (D) Rewar

43. Evidence Act, means – 43. Evidence, under Indian Evidence A and includes
(A) Oral Evidence
(B) Documentary Evidence xor Both
(C) (A) and (B)
(D) None of the above Show Answer

44. This protected area contains one of the last surviving remnants of Delhi Ridge hill range
(A) Bhindawas Wildlife Sanctuary
(B) Asola-Bhatti Wildlife Sanctuary .
(C) Nahar Wildlife Sanctuary
(D) Abubshahar Wildlife Sanctuary Show Answer

45. Select the correct one.
I. Gingee fort – Tamil Nadu
II. Ajantha-Ellora caves – Madhya Pradesh
(A) Only I is correct
(B) Only Il is correct
(C) Both are correct
(D) Both are wrong Show Answer

46. This Haryana based writer was the editor of Urdu Magazine ‘Bharat Pratap’.
(A) Balamukund Gupta
(B) Pratap Narayan Mishra
(C) Mahaveera Prasad Dwivedi
(D) None of the above Show Answer

47. The process of delivery of the foetus is called
(A) Implantation
(B) Fertilisation
(C) Parturition
(D) Ovulation Show Answer

48. Consider the following statemente atements regarding Right to Equality in Indian Constitution
1. Article 14 – All are equal before law
2. Article 16 – Equal opportunity in public employment.
3. Article 17 – Untouchability is prob
4. Article 19 – Abolition of Titles acnability is prohibited.
(A) 1 and 4
(B) 2 and 4 only
(C) 1,2 and 4 only
(D) 1, 2 and 3 Show Answer

49. If the coefficient of 2 3 and 4 terms in e expansion of (1 + x) are in A.P., then the value of n is
(A) 2 (B) 7 (C) 11 (D) 14 Show Answer

50. Which of the following country is not included in the great geographic entity known as the Indian Sub-Continent ?
(A) Myanmar (B) Pakisthan (C) Bangladesh ( D) India Show Answer

51. Present Law Minister of India is A
(A) D.V. Sadananda Gowda
(B) Ananthkumar Hegde
(C) Ravishankar Prasad
(D) Nithin Gadkari Show Answer

52. The interference fringes for sodium light (λ=5890 A°) in a double slit experiment have an angular width of 0.2°> . For what wavelength will the width be 10% greater ?
(A) 5890 A° (B) 7500 A° (C) 6479 A° (D) 8768 A° Show Answer

53. Blue Revolution is related to
(A) Oilseed crops (B) Vegetable crops (C) Milk production (D) Fisheries

54. The condition of the atmosphere at a given place and time is termed as
(A) Climate (B) Weather (C) Meteorology (D) None of these Show Answer

55. What is the output of this program? int main(){ char arr [20]; int i; for (i = 0; i < 10; i++) * (arr + i) = 65 + 1; * (arr + i) = ⧵0′; cout << arr; return 0;

(C) 0123456789
(D) None of the above Show Answer

56. _______ is responsible for generation Of power in Haryana.”
(A) Haryana Electricity Reform Commission
(B) Haryana State Electricity Board
(C) Haryana Power Generation Corporation Limited
(D) Haryana Vidvut Prasaran Nigam Limited Show Answer

57. Coefficient of varia of two distributions are 50 and 60 and their arithmetic means are 30 and 25 respectively.
Difference of their standard deviation is
(A) 1 (B) 0 (C) 1.5 (D) 2.5

58._______ was a famous freedom fighter from Haryana who later became the CM of the State.
(A) Devilal (B) Bansilal (C) Bhoopinder Singh Hooda (D) Manohar Lal Khattar Show Answer

59. What will be last digit of the third number from the top when the numbers 517.325.639.841. 792
are arranged in descending order after reversing the position of the digits within each number?

(A) 7 (B) 3 (C) 5 (D) 2 Show Answer

60. Sahiwal is a breed of
(A) Chinkara (B) Tiger (C) Crocodile (D) Cow

61. Which of the following function/method acts as a constructor in python ?
(A) construct() (B) _init_0) (C) _str_ (D) function whose name is similar to class name Show Answer

62. Which of the following is one of the 5 villages Yudhishtira Duryodhana?
(A) Mewat (B) pahwal (C) Karnal (D) Sonipat

63. Negation of ‘All triangles are equilateral triapgles’ is
(A) All triangles are not equilateral
(B) All equilateral trian triangles are not triangles
(C) There exists a triangle which is not an equilateral triangle
(D) All of these Show Answer

64. Creating an object from a class is called
(A) Initialisation (B) Instantiation (C) Creation (D) Definition Show Answer

65. Pin): 2 -1, ∊ N is divisible by
(A) 4 (B) 3 (C) 5 (D) None of these Show Answer

66. Mohd. Ghazni attacked Thanesar in
(A) 1054 (B) 1014 (C) 1263 (D) 1492 Show Answer

67. This Panchkula based writer won prestigious Kendra Sahitya Academy Award for 2017
(A) Nachhatar (B) Ramesh Kuntal Megh (C) Nasira Sharma (D) Mridula Garg

68 This woman secured 2nd rank in UPSC who has also been named as the brand ambassador for betibachao, betipadhao campaign.
(A) Anu Kumari (B) Divya Kumari (C) Saritha Kumari (D) Preeti Kumari

69. The sum of odd numbers between 0 and 50 is
(A) 600 (B) 530 (C) 480 (D) 625

70. A man goes towards east 5 kms, then he takes a turn to south-west and goes 5 kms. again takes a turn towards northwesta goes 5 kms. With respect to the point from where he started, where is he now?
(A) East (B) North (C) West (D) South

71. With the passi he passing of the India Independence Act, 1947, India immediately became
(A) Republic State (B) Democratic State (C) Dominion State (D) Secular State

72. Which one of the following statement about cold war is wrong?
(A) It is an ideological war.
(B) USSR and America engaged in direct wars.
(C) It is a competition between the blocs of Soviet Union and USA.
(D) It motivated arms race in the world.

73. To contest in the Loka Sabha Election one must attain
(A) 22 years (B) 24 years . (C) 25 years (D) 30 years

74. A set of n values X X … X has standard deviation o then the standard deviation of X + k, X + k, … X + k will be
(A) σ (B) σ+k (C) σ (D) kσ

75. ________enzyme converts glucose into ethyl alcohol and carbon dioxide.
(A) Invertase (B) Zymase (C)Diastase (D) Maltase

76. Value of tanto tan2°. tan3° … tan89° is
(A) 0 (B) 1 (C) 1/2 (D) (1/√2)

77. If sino + cosecӨ = 2 then sin Ө + cosec Ө =
(A) 1 (B) 4 (C) 2 (D) ½

78. _______ is known as “Mini Cuba” in India due to the large number of boxers who hail from the region.
(A) Bhiwani (B) Ambala (C) Karnal (D) Palwal

79. Measles and rubella are caused by
(A) Bacterial (B) Virus (C) Protista (D) Fungi

80. In the following series of numbers, find out how many times 1, 3 and 7 have appeared together, 7 being in the middle, 1 and 3 on either side of 7? 2970173771331738571377173906
(A) 3 (B) 4 (C) 5 (D) more than 5

81. An ideal coil of 10H is connected in Seri in Series with a resistance of 5ᘯ and a bettery of 5v.
Two seconds after the connection is made, the current flowing in ampere in the circuit is
(A) (1-e ) (B) (1-e) (C) e (D) e

82. If P(n): 2n<n!, n=”” e=”” then=”” p(n)=”” is=”” true=”” for=””
(a)=””>2 (B) > 3</n!,>(C) <4 (D) None of these

83. Charri dance of Haryana is related which of the following festival ?
(A) Navaratri (B) Teej (C) Googa Navami (D) Holi

84. For 3 sets A, B, C if A⊂B, B⊂ C then
(A) AUBCC (B) CCAUB (C) A-B-C (D) None of these

85. ______won National Film Award for best supporting actress for her role in this film Pagdi The Honour.
(A) Usha Sharma (B) Baljinder Kaur (C) Sumitra Hooda (D) Sheela Pahal

86. 2018 Commonwealth Games held in
(A) Singapore (B) South Africa (C) England (D) Australia

87. Which one of the following statement is wrong about introduction of Bills in Parliament ?
(A) The Finance Bill can be presented tirst in any one of the either Houses of the Parliament.
(B) President approval is mandatory ton mandatory for all the bills.
(C) Finance Ministe Bill in Lok Sabha.
(D) Disagreemet regarding bills can be rocolve through joint session of the Parliament.

88. UNFCCC – 2017 Conference of Parties 23 held at
(A) Edinburgh (B) Morocco (C) California (D) Bonn

English Language Select the part of speech of each underlined word in the following sentences.

89. Alas! she is no more.
(A) interjection (B) pronoun (C) preposition (D) conjunction

90. He treated it in a light hearted manner.
(A) conjunction (B) verb (C) adverb (D) adjective

Show Answer Fill in the blanks with correct form of verbs.

91. Yesterday evening the phone____ three times, while we were having dinner

(A) was ringing (B) has rung (C) had been ringing (D) rang

92. What’s that noise ? What______?
(A) is happening (B) happened (C) had happened (D) has happened

Fill in the blanks with appropriate preposition.

93. I can’t understand people who are cruel ______ animals.
(A) at (B) with (C) for (D) to

94. I was shocked _______ What I saw I’d never seen anything like it before.
(A) for (B) at (C) on (D) with

95. जिसे किसी बात को जानने की इच्छा हो उसे कहते हैं।
Ans. जिज्ञासु

96. इनमें क्रिया विशेषण है।
(A) धीरे-धीरे  (B) चालाक  (C) हम   (D लडका

97. दाँतो तले उंगली दबाना मुहावरे का अर्थ है।
उत्तर – आश्चर्य होना

98. यात्रियों के समूहो को कहते हैं।

उत्तर – काफिला

99. हम आँखों  से देखते हैं इस वाक्य में कौन-सा कारक है।
उत्तर- करण कारक

100. लडकी जाती है यह वाक्य अपूर्ण भूतकाल में होता है।
उत्तर – लडकी जा रही थी

Haryana Police Constable 23 Dec Answer Key (Evening Shift)

1. The number of bacteria in a certain culture doubles every hour. If there were 30 bacteria present in the culture originally, how many will be present at the end of 4″ hour?
(A) 120 (B) 240 (C) 480 (D) None of these

2 Value of (√2 + 1) +(12-1) is
(A) 1982 (B) 3024 (C) 198 (D) 200

3 Investigation of an offence is conducted by

(A) Judicial magistrate (B) Executive magistrate (C) Police officer (D) Both (A) and (C)

4 Identify the IP address from the following.

(A) 300-215-317-3 (B) 302–215@417-5 (C) (D) 202-50-20-148

5. Which of the following personality is said to be the father of folk theatre in Haryana ?

(A) Ali Baksh (B) Lakhmi Chand (C) Daya Chand (D) Mukesh Yadav

6. What is the cause of Greenhouse effect ?
(A) IR rays (B) Microwaves (C) X-rays (D) Radiowaves

7. Find out the missing number in the sequence -1,0, 1, 8, 27, ?.
(A) 24 (B) 44 (C) 60 (D) 64

8. If x-21 s 5 then x lies in the interval
(A) [-7,3] (B) [-3, 7] (C) [3,7] (D) (-7, -3)

9. Among the total foodgrain production, which of the following crops ranks first in Haryana ?

(A) Rice (B) Wheat (C) Maize (D) Pulses

10. After successfully setting up two fully developed food parks in Haryana, State Industrial and Infrastructure Development Corporation (HSIIDC) is developing another mega food park at
(A) Rai (B) Saha (C) Barhi (D) None of the above

11. is the state animal of Haryana.
(A) Elephant (B) Blackbuck (C) Indian bison / Gaur (D) Asiatic lion

12. A symptom of acute chest pain appears when no enough oxygen is reaching the heart muscle is
(A) Angina pectoris (B) Atherosclerosis (C) Heart failure (D) Hypertension

13. Two dice are thrown together. Let A be the event of getting 6 on the first die’ and B be the event of getting 2 on the second die’. The value of P( A ⌒ B ) is
(A) 1/18 (B) 1/36 (C) 1/6 (D) None of these

14. The number of ways of choosing 4 cards from a pack of 52 playing cards such that four cards belong to the same suit is

(A) 2860 (B) 2086 (C) 2680 (D) none of these

15. Assembly House of Haryana is at

(A) Rohtak (B) Panipat (C) Ambala (D) Chandigarh

16. Which set of letters when sequentially placed at the gaps in the letter series _ONPM _NPMO_PMON will complete it?


17. In a group of 65 people, 40 like cricket, 10 like both cricket and tennis. The number of people who like tennis only and not cricket is
(A) 35 (B) 25 (C) 40 (D) 15 Answer

18. Which of the following is not a type of phulkari ?
(A) Chope (B) Neelak (C) Tilpatra (D) Mudha

19. Which among the following statement about SAARC is wrong?
(A) SAARC members signed to a treaty called SAFTA
(B) Its first Summit was held at Bangalore
(C) Its Headquarter is located in Katmandu of Nepal
(D) SAARC was established in 1985

20. ‘Pidi’ refers to
(A) Terracotta (B) Wood Carving (C) Footstool Craft (D) Metal Carving

21. If ‘HEATER’ is written as ‘KBDOHO’. How COOLER’ can be coded ?
22. The movement of colloidal particles under an applied electric potential is called
(A) Brownian Movement (B) Tyndal Effect (C) Diffusion (D) Electrophoresis

23. Which of the following is a supersonic missile ?
(A) Trishul (B) Akash (C) Prithvi (D) BrahMos
24. Haryana Police and the Department of Women and Child Development have launched a campaign ______ to trace and rescue the missing children of state.
(A) Operation Children (B) Operation Beti Bachao (C) Operation Muskan (D) None of the above
25. Select the physiological barrier of innate immunity from the following.
(A) Skin on our body (B) Acid in stomach (C) Monocytes (D) interferons
26. An explicit process of converting a data from one type to another is called
(A) type casting (B) automatic type conversion (C) data overloading (D) exception handling
27. Which of the following is not a High Level Programming Language ?
(A) COBOL (B) Pasca (C) Assembly language (D) FORTRAN

28. International Yoga Day is celebrated on (A) 20 July (B) 21 July (C) 22 July (D) 21 June

29. If ‘A’ means ‘x’, ‘B’ means ‘*’, ‘C’ means ‘÷’ and ‘D’ means, then 21 C 3D 6A8B2 =
(A) 72 (B) O (C) 48 (D) none of these

30. The mean deviation about the mean for the data 6, 7, 10, 12, 13, 4, 8, 12 is
(A) 3 (B) 9 (C) 2.75 (D) 3.25

31. Horse is a
(A) Ruminant hoofed (B) Non-ruminant hooted (C) Even toed roofed (D) Odd number foed hoofed

32.______is the present Advocate General of Haryana
(A) Baldev Raj Mahajan (B) Nawal Kishore Agarwal (C) Ashok Agarwal (D) Surya Kant

33. Which of the following is correct ?
(A) Sin Θ =-5 (B) Cos Θ = 1 (C) Sec Θ = 2 (D) Cos aΘ = 0

34. Haryana has appointed the state s brand ambassador to promote Yoga and Ayurveda
(A) Baba Ramdev (B) Sri Sri Ravishankar (C) Sadguru (D) Acharya Balakrishna

35.The low salinity of water is observed in Bay of Bengal due to
(A) High evaporation (B) Hydration (C) Precipitation (D) Influx of river water

36. Recently, this country has requested Haryana Government to celebrate Geeta Jayanti Mahotsav in their country
(A) Malaysia (B) Bali (C) Pakistan (D) Mauritius

37. Select the pair in which the numbers are similarly related to the pair 7: 24.
(A) 30 : 100 (B) 23: 72 (C) 19:58 (D) 11:43

38. Three married couple are to be seated in a row having 6 seats in a cinema hall. If spouses are to be seated next to each other, in how many ways can they be seated ?
(A) 6 (B) 18 (C) 48 (D) None of these

39. If the sum of first 3 terms of a G.P. is 13/12 and their product is -1. then the common
(A) -3/4 or -4/2 (B) -1, 13/12 (C) ¾ or 4/2 (D) 1/2 or 2

40. Stomach of ruminants is divided into
(A) Four parts (B) Two parts (C) Three parts (D) Five parts

41. A charge is framed by
(A) The court (B) The police (C) The prosecution (D) All the above
42. Which one of the following is not a search engine ?
(A) Google (B) Chrome (C) Yahoo (D) Bing

43. Who was the first woman politician of Haryana who served as a Governor of a state?
(A) Shanno Devi (B) Chandrawathi (C) Chandrakala (D) Renuka Bishnoi

44. Lal Masjid of Rewari was constructed during the rule of
(A) Babar (B) Mohd. Bin Tughlak (C) Mohd. Ghori (D) Akbar

45. Select the word which is least like other words in the group.
(A) Cow (B) Deer (C) Donkey (D) Goat

46. First battle of Panipat was fought in between
(A) Akbar and Rana Pratap
(B) Ibrahim Lodhi and Akbar
(C) Ibrahim Lodhi and Babar
(D) Akbar and Shershah Suri

47._____ is the first and youngest and youngest woman in the world to climb Mt. Everest twice
(A) Bachendri Pal (B) Santosh Yadav (C) Premlata Agarwal (D) Arati Saha

48. was instrumental in collecting a version of the Guga legend and published in Indian Antiquary (1895).
(A) Major J. Abbott (B) William Crooke (C) Charles Swynnerton (D) Richard Carnac

49. The Amendment of the Indian Constitution which reduced voting age from 21 to 18 years is
(A) 61 (B) 62 (C) 42 (D) 44

50. Present Chief Minister of Arunachal Pradesh is
(A) Nabam Tuki (B) Pema Khandu (C) Dorjee Khandu (D) None of the above

51. Haryana Sanskrit Gaurav Samman for the year 2016 has been awarded to which of the following Sanskrit writer ?
(A) Prof. Shrikrishna Sharma
(B) Acharya Mahavir Prasad Sharma
(C) Prof. Rajeshwar Prasad Mishr
(D) Pandit Sitaram Shastri Acharya

52. If P(A) = 4/5 and P(A റ B) = 7/10 then P(B/A)=
(A) 1/10 (B) 1/8 (C) 7/8 (D) 17/20

53. Class which contains only pure virtual function is called
(A) base class (B) derived class (C) abstract class (D) inherited class

54. Which of the following is not a keyword in python ?
(A) Try (B) Except (C) Throw (D) Pass

55. The code name used to launch an invasion on Iraq by USA in 2003 was
(A) Operation All Clear (B) Operation Iraqi Freedom (C) Liberation of Iraq (D) Operation enduring freedom of Iraq

56. Ekuverin, a bilateral military exercise recently held in Belagavi, was between India and
(A) Sri Lanka (B) Maldives (C) Nepal (D) Singapore

57. Find the missing letters in the series ABC, FGH, LMN, ?.

58. Only temple dedicated to Ekalavya is situated in
(A) Khandsa (B) Yamuna Nagar (C) Baharpur (D) Sohna

59. Predict the output “sum” in the following program. sum = 0 for i in range (1, 11, 2): sum+ = i print “sum=”, sum
(A) 11 (B) 22 (C) 24 (D) 25

60. Total number of gold medals bagged by India in the recently held Commonwealth Games is
(A) 25 (B) 26 (C) 27 (D) 23

61. Karthik cultural fest in Gurgaon aims at promoting
(A) Agncultural harvesting (B) Martial arts and folk arts (C) Happiness of husband (D) None of the above

62. The leading Producer of Manganese in India
(A) West Bengal (B) Jharkand (C) Odissa (D) None of the above

63. In python, operators with same precedance are evaluated
(A) Right to left (B) Left to right (C) Both (A) and (B) (D) Cannot be determined

64. BRICS stands for
(A) Brazil, Russia, India, China, South Africa
(B) Brazil, Russia, India, Canada, South Africa
(C) Brazil, Russia, India, China, Switzerland
(D) Brazil, Russia, Italy, China, South Africa

65. A convex lens of focal length 20 cm is placed co-axially with a convex mirror of radius of curvature 20 cm. The two are kept 15 cm apart from each other. A point object is placed 60 cm in front of the convex lens. The position of the image formed by the combination is
(A) 60 cm (B) 40 cm (C) 30 cm (D) 10 cm

66. The mean deviation of the data 3, 10, 10,1 4, 7, 10, 5 from the mean is
(A) 2 (B) 2.57 (C) 3 (D) 3.75

67. Which of the following is not an award presented by Haryana Sanskrit Academy?
(A) Maharishi Valmiki Samman
(B) Mahakavi Baanbhatt Samman
(C) Maharishi Vedvyas Samman
(D) Mahakavi Kalidasa Samman

68. A and B are married brothers. X and Y are brother X is the brother of A. how Y is related to B?
(A) Brother (B) Brother-in-law (C) Son (D) Son-in-law

69. There are four bus routes between A and B. three bus routes between B and C. A man can travel round trip in the number of ways by bus from A to C via B. If he does not want to use a bus route more than once in how many ways can he make round trip? (A) 72 (B) 144 (C) 14 (D) 19

70. Which of the following districts of Haryana is richest in mineral resources ?
(A) Fatehgarh (B) Mahendragarh (C) Hisar (D) Ambala

71. Consider the following statements about 1929 Lahore Congress Session.
1. It was presided over by Jawaharlal Nehru.
2. It declared ‘Purna Swaraj’ or complete independence.
3. Decided to celebrate Jan. 26, 1930 as Independence day.
4. Gandhiji gave call for Do or Die. Identify the correct statements.
(A) 1 and 2 only (B) 3 and 4 only (C) 1.2 and 3 only (D) 1.2 and 4 only

72. A galvanometer has a resistance of 30 ᘯ and a current of 2 mA gives full scale deflection.
How will you convert this galvanometer into a voltmeter of 0.2 V range ?
(A) 700 ᘯ resistance should be connected parallel to the galvanometer
(B) 70 ᘯ resistance should be connected parallel to the galvanometer
(C) 700 ᘯ resistance should be connected in series to the galvanometer
(D) 70 ᘯ resistance should be connected in series to the galvanometer

73. 7 – 2 n ∈ N is divisible by
(A) 7 (B) 2 (C) 5 (D) None of these

74. The baking quality of wheat is attributed to
(A) Glutenin (B) Gluten (C) Glutenic acid (D) None of these

75. A magistrate has the power to direct the police to investigate into
(A) a non-cognizable offence
(B) a cognizable offence
(C) only a non-cognizable offence as in a cognizable offence the police is under a duty to investigate
(D) both (A) and (B)
76. Which one of the following is not an Internet Service Provider (ISP) in India ?
(A) VSNL (B) BSNL (C) ERNET India (D) Infotech India Ltd.
77. The task which is not performed by Election Commission of India is.
(A) Issuing notifications for elections
(B) Preparing electrol roll
(C) Nominating candidates
(D) Implementing model code of conduct
78. Which of the following statement is correct?
(A) Modem converts the analog signal into digital signal and vice-versa
(B) Modem is a software
(C) Modem helps in stabilizing the voltage
(D) Modem is the operating system
79. Right to Information Act (RTI) was enacted in the year of
(A) 2003 (B) 2004 24/12/2018 (C) 2005 (D) 2006
80. Galena is
(A) Gufes (B) PbS (C) Zns (D) Caso

81. Who among the following have awarded Veera Chakra for his service during
by Param Veera Chakra for his IridoPakistani war of 1971 ?
(A) Hoshiyar Singh Dahiya (B) Karam Singh (C) Vikram Batra (D) Yogendra Singh Yadav

82. Bansilal, one of the longest serving Chief Ministers of Haryana was a union____ Minister during 1975-77.
(A) Home (B) Finance (C) Defence (D) Law

83. Molt extracts of which crop are used as supplements in energy rich drinks like boost, bournvita, horlicks…?
(A) Wheat (B) Oats (C) Barley (D) Triticale

84. Rock Garden of Chandigarh was founded by
(A) Nek Chand Saini (B) Albert Mayer (C) Maciej Nowicki (D) None of the above

85. _____was the longest serving Governor of Haryana.
(A) Dharma Vira (B) Birendra Narayan Chakraborty (C) Ranjit Singh Narula (D) Jaisukh Lal Hathi

86. The first Non-Aligned Summit was held at
(A) Belgrade (B) New York (C) Delhi (D) Bangalore

87. Which of the following electromagnetic spectrum is the chief cause of skin burning, tanning, cancer, etc ?
(A) UV-A rays (B) UV-B rays (C) UV-C rays (D) None of the above

88. Following is not a layer of uterus
(A) Endometrium (B) Myometrium (C) Perimetrium (D) Ectometrium

English Language Complete the sentences selecting correct option:

89. As soon as the speech started
(A) the demonstrators rushed to the platform
(B) then the demonstrators rushed to the platform
(C) when the demonstrators rushed to the platform
(D) than the demonstrators rushed to the platform

90. We are so late
(A) that we could catch the train
(B) we couldn’t catch the train
(C) that we cannot catch the train
(D) to catch the train
Fill in the blanks with appropriate from the given options:

91. Benny had finished cooking when the visitors_____
(A) were entering (B) entered (C) had entered (D) entering

92. He ______ two wickets before play was interrupted by the rain.
(A) took (B) has taken (C) taken (D) had taken

Select the correct indirect speech for the following:

93. He said “Be quiet and listen to my words”.
(A) He told them to quiet and listen to his words
(B) He urged them to be quiet and listen to his words
(C) He urged them if they sit quiet and listen to his words
(D) He said to them be quiet and listen to his words

94. The master says “Have you seen the map ?”
(A) The master asked had he seen the map
(B) The master inquires if he has seen the map
(C) The master inquires if he saw the map
(D) The master said had he seen the ma

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