How to Clear Territorial Army Exam : English Paper

How to Clear Territorial Army Exam :English Paper

Youngsters today want to grab the opportunity to earn the glorious uniform of Territorial Army. To achieve the dream and desire of becoming a Territory Army Officer the aspirant must be focused and determined. To settle in this profession  the candidate must have to be clear in all four sections of written exam. Here we want to bring forth some important tips on How to Clear Territorial Army English Exam.

Each section will carry you 50 objective type questions and  candidates will fill the correct answer in the OMR sheet with black or blue ball pen only .The candidate will be awarded one marks for each correct answer and 0.5 marks will be deducted for each wrong answer.

How to Clear Territorial Army English Exam

  • Language brought hurdles to many youngsters as it needs a lot of practice to brush up language skills. Regular practice of LSRW (Listening ,speaking ,reading ,writing are core skills of a language) will help you to achieve your target soon.
  • Practice of Reading a comprehension passage will help you to impart speed and better understanding as practice makes a man perfect .You can scan and comprehend the passage in less time. You will be able to answer the given questions in precise language in the given time. Comprehension passage will bring you 6marks.
  • Keep yourself motivated ,Be precise and do not trespass the limits set in the paper is the basic key to Clear Territory Army English Exam.
  • Practice Homophones ( Words that have same pronunciations but their spelling and meanings are different), Homographs( words that have the same spelling but still the meaning is different)to enhance workmanship of language.
  • Practice synonyms ,Antonyms and phrasal words having idiomatic expression  to improve your vocabulary .As these questions will appear in the form of multiple choice question and the candidate has to opt the best given option.
  • Make your own notes and highlight the important theories.
  • Grammar plays a crucial role to enhance the expertise/ workmanship of a language so it is very necessary for the candidate to clear all the concepts of grammar topics. The most natural way to learn a grammar is talking so indulge yourself in English Speaking atmosphere.
  • Solve the previous year papers ,sample papers ,and practice mock test to improve your language and confident.
  • Read English Newspaper ,periodicals ,magazines to excel your general knowledge and reading skills.
  • You must learn Time management as you will get limited time to solve your questions. There will be 50questions and each answer will carry you one mark.

How to Clear TA Exam English

  • Highlight the important theories of the language notes and make summaries as it will help you during the time of revisions.
  • During the exam if you got stuck on any question its batter to move on and solve the next question .later on if you get time you may solve that particular question as per your knowledge.
  • Establish a routine , make your own study plan and stick to that plan.
  • Figure out how you learn . It can be by memorising or by summarising. You can study in a group or in a quiet place for better understanding .Identify your weaker section and work on that to improve your skill.
  • Overwriting in objectives and fill in the blanks will not be awarded any marks so its batter to be precise.
  • To solve “Rearrange the words to make a meaningful sentence” requires adequate knowledge of sentence pattern and sentence formation. It will carry you approximately 4marks.
  • With a positive thinking ,dedication ,hardwork ,and desire to do batter aspirant will be able to Crack the Territory Exam in maiden attempt.

Thats all about How to Clear Territorial Army English Paper. If you are having some question in your mind, then ask in the comment box of this post. Our team members will get back to you as soon as possible.

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